Throwdown this weekend

07 Feb

Hi all,

just a quick note to wish our Crossfit  London throwdown team the very best at their 1st competition this coming weekend. I hope a lot of you are going to support them and meet other Crossfitters.

Colin, Me, kate and  Amelia  drew the short straw and are running  the gym this weekend, so for those who are not supporting, the schedule is the same on both days.

Good luck Tom. Alex, Paul, Katarina, Adrienne and  Pat

3 thoughts on “Throwdown this weekend

  1. thanks Andrew,
    still some tickets available if anyone wants to come down & have a look.
    In addition to the teams competition there is individual Men & Women featuring some of Europe & the worlds best Crossfit athletes.
    See them doing max clean & jerk, Fran, 3 mins max deadlifts to name a few.
    link to tickets here:

  2. Best of luck sat , for what its worth on the deadlift I did 37.5 % of 1rm 60kg and got 95 in 3 mins I reckon you want to be somewhere around that %.

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