Turns out the “Average Joes” aren’t that average!

14 Feb

So…. The SICFIT London Throwdown…well what more can I say? After a couple of beastly workouts on Day 1 which landed Adrienne in hospital, CrossFit London UK, team LO-TECH, were sitting 5th! However, after waiting a few hours to hear the severity of Adrienne’s injury we finally got a distraught phone call from Adrienne telling us that she was being kept in overnight waiting to be operated on! Not good! However it didn’t take long for us all to embrace the fact that we were about to finish this competition as a team of four!

We made sure that it was ok for us to crack on as a four with the organisers, once we got the AOK, we mentally prepared ourselves to put in those extra few reps each to make up for our loss! 3 mins to do as many deadlift as possible, guys with 90kg, girl with 60kg! Then straight onto 2 mins max double unders! Now that was interesting! Myself and Kat took a visit to Adrienne to bring her a change of clothes and checked the scores, we were sitting 5th after the 3rd Workout! No this can’t be right surely, not with 4 of us!

We check with the organisers and they had averaged our score because we were down a team member. Hmmm we weren’t too happy with this, we turned up on day as a four and prepared to be scored as a four! After going back and forth from Tom Bold on the track and the scores office we managed to convince them to strip us of our unfair advantage they had given us over the other teams! I know we couldn’t understand the logic! Anyway, even with our handicapped  raw score from Event 3 we still made the cut for the top 20! We were through to FRAN! Adrienne was now on the table and we were getting ourselves mentally ready for Event 4, TEAM FRAN. Complete 100, 75, 50 reps of Thrusters and Pull Ups. The team must go in the order of boy, girl, boy, girl, boy. This obviously meant that Kat would have to take the hit and go twice! Kat embraced this new challenge and we were up! In the last heat, alongside the top teams of the competition! Butcher’s Garage, CF Reading, CF Bold etc. Throughout the whole weekend we went into each workout with the team mentality of individually giving 100% and enjoy it! This was no different, we were smiling as much at the start of the workout as we were at the end! We hit Fran with everything we had, barely wasting any time with smooth change overs and good teamwork. Sub 15 mins! We came 8th overall on the semi final Team event! With 4 people!

Consequently at the end of the weekend, we came 8th overall, completing 2/4 workouts with 4/5 people! Once we had been given back Adrienne and were no doubt the last team left in Uxbridge in the pub having a well deserved pint and LARGE dinner, we all admitted that we would not have done as well as we did if it wasn’t for Adrienne putting in as much effort in Event 2 as she did after incurring such an injury!

Thanks to everyone that went out of their way to cheer us on this weekend, wouldn’t have been the same without the support!

10 thoughts on “Turns out the “Average Joes” aren’t that average!

  1. proud proud proud. animals and slightly psychotic, all of you. in a good way 🙂

  2. Paul G does in fact exist – this picture proves it. For a while a thought he was a figment of the trainers’ imaginations …..

    well done guys – super effort. Next year top 5!

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