Wednesday WOD Woes:

15 Feb

No point in waffling. It was awful.

Deadlifts, with socialist pull ups  in between.

Followed by

20 burpees

30/20/10  dumbbell thrusters (15/10kg) and “overhead sit ups” 10 or 5kg

20 burpees.

Great Fun. Well done To Chris, who clawed his way to the  finish ( the 5 and 6 classes had a 15 minute guillotine, the 7 pm class got to drag on to the bitter end)

But, 2 Challenges!

1) Sign up for the Crossfit games Open

2) Add your name to The Lent Challenge

2 thoughts on “Wednesday WOD Woes:

  1. 2 challenges: done and done 😉

    Very tough WOD – felt like I spent all my time heaving for breath and was amazed to get through it.

    Was very chuffed to do 3 (single) chin-ups. Thanks Andrew for shouting at me (and pushing me up) to make two consecutive.

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