Yesterday’s website downtime

29 Feb

Yesterday morning, the company who provides our web hosting service had their servers hacked. This caused many of their hosted websites (our included) to redirect to a malicious website that installed range of viruses and trojans onto the host computer. The attack seemed to target machines running Windows, and probably focused on Internet Explorer – I saw no effects running my Mac.

Needless to say, as soon as I was alerted to the problem I took steps to take the site down, until our website patched the problem (easy afternoon).

However, at least one client had their computer ‘hosed’ by this attack and I have no real way of telling how many more people may have been affected.

So, if you visited the website between, say 2200 on Monday evening and 1000 yesterday could you please run a virus/malware scan to ensure that you didn’t pick up a nasty little dose.

Note: this attack didn’t affect any of the website files themselves, nor did it affect the Mindbody Online booking system (which is hosted elsewhere).

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