16th April Monday Pm

17 Apr


Wall Ball

Sumo-deadlift high pull

Box Jump

Push Press


One minute on each till completed circuit then 1 minute rest.

Repeat 3 times. Scores are calculated by reps and cals.

Before starting FGB we did some double under practise coupled with a 400 run x2 .

After running over the rules and moves the on slought of FGB begun.

Well Done to Kathy in her first main wod class. Good work.

A mention to Yuri and Linds who made awesome team players, spotting and encouraging all the way.

3 thoughts on “16th April Monday Pm

  1. Very happy with improvement in a month, up from 115 last time I completed this work out…I may actually be getting fitter! 🙂 Think I got 139 this time.

    Thanks also to Colm for the coaching, really helpful.


  2. Sally, what were the weights on this?
    I went waaaaaay down from Feb11 when I last did this, mind you I’ve just had a months holiday in Ireland and Italy so not exactly conductive to remaining fit. Just could not bring myself to jump on that box last night and that really knocked my score. Finished with 202, last time I was a lot closer to 240 but I used a yellow box and I think some of the weights may have been lighter as well.

  3. Nice work Ben, on wards and up wards!!

    Harriet the weights were rx’ed 25kg for the girls. You did well considering the break.

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