2nd April PM

03 Apr

5.30pm and 7.30pm Class


Overhead Squats and Hand release Push ups

Shuttle run in between rounds.

Burpee Finisher -1 min max burpees x3

Max your a beast with the Burpees!!!

6.30pm Class

6.30 is now a fun packed hour of met con lovely-ness. The class went as follows……

Kb Snatch warm up drills.

Snatch Test 10 mins 24Kg (M) 16Kg (W)

Shiftly moving on to 10 min Amrap of

5 box jumps and 10 squats OMEM 3 Burpees

The pace slowed down for 10 mins while we set up for the final on slog.

20 Swings

5 Pull ups

20 Swings

5 Ring dips

20 Swings

5 Push ups

3-5 rounds

If you didn’t have a good swing before starting this, you sure did by the end as there is few margins for error in a swing -you either do it right or not!!

Working the swing in this way meant that 5 reps of pull ups ect was hard work enough. A proper good posterior chain  workout.


8 thoughts on “2nd April PM

  1. Awesome session Sally, thank you. Was like the old days!

    @Andrew/steve I guess- I’d really appreciate another metcon focussed class option during the week. Is this something you’d consider introducing?

  2. Good to see my swing form is pretty poor – should get my chest up more! Enjoyed it but reckon we should be able to fit the strength work in.

    Pat – We can get strength done in 20mins then 40 mins metcon. Your’re not going to improve the metcons without the strength base…….

  3. Very odd for me to say this…..but I found the 5.30 21-15-9 WOD pretty unchallenging. I do realise this might prove to be one of the stupidest comments ever posted!

  4. Thanks Sally! I have developed new feelings towards the burpees…you they say there is a thin line between love and hate.

  5. Great session Sally! I really enjoyed the 21-15-9 but hated the burpees! Maxim sounds like you ate them for breakfast. Unlike Alex I’m glad I missed the 6.30 session! Ouch!

  6. I wish it was that easy Ben, got close to collapsing on the third minute. And today the burpee fest continued check Tom’s WOD for extra fun.

  7. I thought the 6:30 class was great. Really enjoyed being pushed, and pushed – oh and pushed again!

    I think having a set class where you know it is going to be strictly metcon focused is ideal. I want to work on my cardio fitness so it allows me to plan that into my week. For those who prefer strength in their classes there are plenty of other options in the schedule, choice is good.

    Thanks Sally.

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