A lesson in SNATCHING

18 Apr

After a Highly influential weekend with Rudy and Laura from OUTLAW CrossFit, what better opportunity to introduce to Crossfit londoners the importance of hip extension BEFORE ankle extension! We did this with the “heels down” drill. The guys were to start the movement with the bar at the hang position then pull themselves into an overhead squat without their heels leaving the floor by driving the hips forward and the shoulders back to allow the bar to go straight up! Tricky? Indeed, but over 3 sets of 5 the guys gained more of an understanding for what I was asking them to do!

I programmed last night to be a “recovery WOD” from last night’s FGB with Sally HOWEVER no one bloody did FGB did they!

This wasn’t a massive issue though as the “recovery WOD” was:
For time:
400m run
10 rounds of:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats
400m run

Great effort as always and i know you bodyweight ninjas love WODs like this, this will not be a regular occurrence however!



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  1. Very useful coaching points on the snatch Tom, looking forward to putting these to work in the finished article…

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