A running challenge

18 Apr

I thought we ought to start putting together an  effective 5k development  training programe for Crossfit Londoners, so  I thought we should  start assembling some of the literature  and experiences we ought to be looking at.

Over the years we have shared talks and experiences  from all sorts of people: nationally ranked endurance  runners, converts to Crossfit Endurance, and our own members  (many with “decent” marathon times)

Tracking our members results (crudely)  , those seeking to improve their performances have excelled or  crashed, or injured themselves , or just  jogged away in bordem to do their own thing (in almost equal measure).

So, this is a “big shout going out” to our members who want to help design the “worlds best 5k running plan”. Suggest sources, regimes , ideas, below.

I think we know better than to be caught up in a bullshit “LSD v intensity” debate, and we probably want to have both ( and a good dose of Crossfit).

Im hoping we can get some of our members on board to help out with supervision, timings, leading sessions etc. But we shall see as the  “programme” develops in this thread. Then Ill probably get those interested in “helping out” together for a pow wow!

Chris W shared this with me recently , and I think its a good a place to start as any

9 thoughts on “A running challenge

  1. I’d be up for doing some work at Mile End track on this. Perhaps a benchmarking session as I think Andrew suggested on Weds?

  2. If you want to compare your training and motivate each other and you have access to a GPS (or smart phone) why not use Strava


    Have started using it and has got me going faster!

  3. I think for a 5k Crossfit endurance isn’t far off the mark. It has some good ideas which are often overlooked such as intensity, technique and ancillary training. Anything further though and you would probably want to include the hard miles.

  4. Happy to help. Although I am starting to think bikram yoga is the best possible help for runners.

  5. Bought one of those Nike+ sensors that works with an ipod / iphone the otherday.

    Only about £20 for the chip which you just slip onto any running shoe. gives some interesting info about cadence / pace as well as just distance run. Will let you know how it pans out… if you’ve already got an ipod it looks like a pretty cost effective way of gathering data.

  6. When we gonna hit this track sesh peeps?

    Second Chris comment re the Nike sensor. Pretty good!

  7. I know a lot of people do the JPMorgan challenge runs in the summer with their work. I think this year it takes place on the 11th 12th July in Battersea Park, I think the distance is 5.6k.

    Would anyone be interested in doing some form of training programme with a view to peaking around this time and (figuratively) spanking their colleagues on race day?

  8. As a fairly slow runner but always interested in bettering myself (and hopefully improve the speed I cover my morning commute run in which is oddly 5k) I’d be interested in some sprint training over longer distances than just 100m or so. Some training to increase my overall speed of running would be interesting. I got endurance and can just keep going but not at a good pace. Happy to help any other runners with timings, cheering on, etc. and all that jazz 🙂

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