A taste of Dragon Crossfit …..”raising the Bar”: Wod 18 April

19 Apr

Tonight at Crossfit London we thought we would give you  a taste of some of the hell that was unleashed on the competitors at the weekend at the Raising the bar event, held at in Cardiff at the world famous  Dragon Crossfit .

The fantastic Andy Edwards  was in charge of the propgramming on Saturday, so we though we would share the 1st event with you.

an intermingled set of  40kg front squats and push presses, done tabata style ( 20 second front squat, 10 sec rest, 10 sec push press x 8,10 sec rest x 8 followed by 2 minutes of bar facing burpees.

4 thoughts on “A taste of Dragon Crossfit …..”raising the Bar”: Wod 18 April

  1. Tom – getting a bit confused with this workout – is it:
    20 sec fsq
    10 sec rest
    10 sec push press
    10 sec rest
    8 times?


  2. Yuri – it’s 20 secs FS, 10 secs rest, 20 secs PP, 10 secs rest x8; THEN 2 minutes of bar-facing burpees. Score is total reps FS+PP+burpees. Top score at the Masters was 222 reps

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