Another great i-course

29 Apr

Once again the Crossfit London i-Course demonstrated why it is the number one workshop to begin or develop your Crossfit journey.

While the rain soaked London, we drenched our participants in drill after skill enhancing drill and dripped quality movement into their muscle memory. We had a super range of all sorts of abilities, but everyone always gets to learn.

Many so called “teachers” approach Crossfit instruction from the point of view of showing how great and  tough they are. Crossfit London always focuses on developing the teaching drills that will improve you. We seem to offer a unique mix of the real understanding of quality movement, the ability to break movement down into bite-sized drills,and the ability to explain those drills with a lively mix of humour and colourful analogy. Uur instructors are, of course, great and tough too!

If you are preparing for your Crossfit certification, this is an ideal place to start. As it has a total of 7 reps CPD points (4+3), it’s great for REPS accredited fitness instructors. As it taught by some of the best teachers around, it’s also ideal for absolute beginners.

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