CrossFit London at the Powerlifting Certification, New York

02 Apr

CrossFit Powerlifting Certification, CrossFit South Brooklyn, March 31-April 1

Chris, Alex and I have just finished the two powerlifting certification in New York, and are bringing the knowledge back to London!

The cert was hosted by the incredibly friendly and nice folks at CrossFit South Brooklyn in their amazing gym (seriously – worth a visit just to see it!). Along with roughly 50 others, we spent two days with Shane and Laura Sweatt learning about the Westside Barbell conjugate method of strength training, and how this can be adapted to work with CrossFit.

Want to know more about accommodating resistance? We can help you there!

Chris floor press
Chris: band resisted floor press from pins...(harder than it looks)

Accessory movements? We’ve got you covered!

Alex: band resisted walking (don't ask)

Dynamic effort days? Just ask!

For those of you who aren’t aware, Westside Barbell is run by strength training legend, Louie Simmons. He has made extensive study of the methods of the old Soviet Union weightlifting teams along with many experiments of his own. His gym has the highest proportion of world class powerlifters in the world (as we were frequently reminded during the course of our two days…). Laura – one of those lifters – has broken over 40 world records in her 8 year (!) career and is regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound lifters of all time (male and female!)

Needless to say, in our quest to ensure that we continue to deliver the best strength and conditioning coaching in London we will be working to filter some of these methods into our schedule soon!


3 thoughts on “CrossFit London at the Powerlifting Certification, New York

  1. its about time that London had some real Westside barbell qualified instructors! There are too many 2nd rate PT’s trying westside barbell techniques in London without the underpinning knowledge.

    Once again, the dedication of our coaching team means that Crossfit london is the number one place to learn how to deadlift and squat.

    Good Job

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