Do you want strength or conditioning with that sir?

25 Apr


Barbell Gymnastics last night were:

5×2: 1 x hang snatch

1 x OH squat

1 x Snatch Balance

1 x OH squat

this was performed at about 65% 1 RM, IDEAL Weight to use the heels down drill to ensure hip extension before ankle extension.



Deadlift 140/90kg

4 x lateral jump burpees

(8 min cap, 150kg x 3 buy in to permit RX’d weight during the workout, REGRESSION: scale minimally but make sure you can do 3 good T&G reps at the weight. 5 Burpee on the spot penalty for dirty reps).

Now gang, you did not like this workout did you!? I think mostly because none of you are strong enough to have made it a METCON so for most of you, last night was all strength! Therefore….

Then we finished up with some regaining midline exercises, TURKISH GET UPS! Firstly by numbers, then as many reps as possible in 5 mins (alt sides).

Great job for digging deep in the workout last night everyone, and for those of you that are regulars to my class, your snatching is already improving!

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5 thoughts on “Do you want strength or conditioning with that sir?

  1. Got up to 9 DL of the 12, man 90kgs was heavy!!! Feeling it today. Good to do some serious strength work though been a while

  2. No – did not like! Definitely not strong enough! However, it was a really cunning way of making me desperate to do lateral jump burpees.

  3. Not only to moobs hurt, but after this so do lats hammies and lower back are on fire.

    As I was getting changed the 630 class were making noises that I could only describe as grandpa Simpson getting beaten up.

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