03 Apr

Hi everybody! Due to a lack of enthusiasm towards Team WODs we have decided to bring them to a close on Tuesday nights!

This was very much a bias move on my part to theme Tuesday night’s in this way due to my past experience with exercising in a  team environment and the effect it has on how much effort people put in when someone else is counting on you! However I completely sympathise with the points people raised when asked to give feedback on the theme of the class:

ground 1) some felt that they could not monitor their own progress (you could be 1st because you are with tough people)
ground 2) some felt that they were often lost in the instruction.
ground 3) some reported that the team wods didn’t work. They claimed to see the point, but the workout didn’t deliver
Thank you all for your feedback, things can only get better with it! To that end, get your butts down to the box on Tuesday nights now you know you will be in for a regular WOD! No excuses, if you do think you have an excuse, before declaring it watch this
Hope to see you all tonight gang!

7 thoughts on “END OF TEAM WODs…

  1. Tom – id like to thank you for the team programming and would just like to say I was a stalwart fan of the team Tuesdays – I had a tear in my eye as I came to the gym tonight. But it has to be said that the inaugural wod in the new format was epic, bordering on biblical. Holy crap!

    Keep it coming!

  2. Really enjoyed it, even though some way off the pace … maybe Tuesday can be hero WOD night

  3. Great session last night ………..@ ruairi good idea, as long as any class is tough I’d take anything though as long as its strength and conditioning built on constantly varied, if not randomized, functional movements executed at HIGH INTENSITY.

  4. @tom I can rarely make tuesdays because of football season but didn’t mind the team wods

    i like the idea of long hero wods- my favourite classes are ones where we do lots of metcons or a really long metcon, preferably involving running/rowing

    i guess as a general preference i prefer when we cram a lot into the classes, rather than warms ups, spend ages doing strength and then preparing for a short wod

    just my preference though and not a criticism of anyone

  5. I enjoyed my first tom’s tuesday’s which was a team hero WOD. that was epic.

    I don’t mind team, hero, normal, or any combination so long as it works 🙂 sorry i missed yesterday, I’m moving flats and packing is my WOD for a few nights the next couple of weeks haha

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