11 Apr

WOW well didn’t this prove to be a frustrating WOD!

Tonight we tested an already demanding movement, The Overhead Squat, then piled some weight on it, did more reps than we would like on it and did it again after doing some double unders! Sound like your idea of hell? From many of the guys last night, it was! However after accepting the fact that they would HAVE to focus to ensure they completed the rep with the correct range of motion and accepted the fact that the weight they would be carrying was going to make their midline “shake like a shitting dog” before tying it in, everyone zoned in and got the work done to the best of their ability!

3 x 5 min AMRAP

10 OH Squat (60/40kg)

30 Double Unders

1 min rest

Outstanding efforts from everyone, showing true determination to concur a very uncomfortable movement under such circumstances! Big shout outs to Alex for completing the WOD RX’d and managing a set in the final 5 minutes UNBROKEN! Also hats off to Christian, Tim & Fergus for pushing on through those mobility issues! Great effort gang! Here’s how you sized up:

2 thoughts on “FOCUS WOD!

  1. I for one was glad of the mini-rests. Don’t know about dogs, but DU’s always have me running to the loo!

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