Monday 23rd April (PM) Angie with a Twist

24 Apr

Warm up



Knees to Elbow


Lunge (alternating)

10 reps of each x3

After a quick drill run through I asked you to build the intensity over the 3 rounds.

Nice and warm.on to the tough bit.

Angie but twisted.

So we all know Angie destroys the soul….100 reps straight of each is enough to make anyone depressed so I gave it a make over. (I have used this before having seen it on a site but I can’t remember where??)

Pull ups

Press ups


Sit ups

10 reps in this order x10

So you’re still doing the same amount of reps.

The fastest time was Alex Minshall who smashed it in just under 16 minutes, Awesome work mate.

Kathy and Farazz although having just graduated from foundations put in sterling efforts, needing very little scaling. We hope to see you next week for more main class fun.

Since you were all so good I handed out a little Sally stylee reward in the form of a dumbell push press for 30 seconds and a hold for 30 seconds, 30 second rest then repeat. Sadly there was no one calling out hell yeah for a third round so we left it there. Probably a good thing though!

Well Done Crew, Same time next wk?????


2 thoughts on “Monday 23rd April (PM) Angie with a Twist

  1. No moob issue, but shoulders, arms and wrists are still hurting, really struggled with this morning session. Sally really enjoyed it, is that the right expression? endured the session is probably better way of putting it.

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