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04 Apr

It wont belong before we begin the process of  specifying the look of  the new Crossfit London website.

The only problem is that one of the directors of Crossfit London is 51 and has just about come to terms with electricity  and horseless carriages , let alone how  a trendy “go getting” website should look.

We need to get some basic ideas about what you, loyal Crossfit Londoners, think is good. So, here is the question. Do you have a favourite website? One that you think is gorgeous?  Could you please (please) post  a link in comments with your quick view as to why you like it.

It does not have to be a Crossfit or Fitness site, just one you think is nice, or functional or cool.

Preferably not a rude site!

BTW, this is only open to our members . If you have been waiting to spam this site, forget it.

Happy Easter


9 thoughts on “New look website

  1. BBC site is my all out favourite. Simple, clean, customisable and involving. I like the blog sections of the current site. Anything that engages people is great, videos and photos are excellent as well as banter.

    In terms of overall look and feel I am keen in minanalistic site like Apple, with a very clear structure.

    I have been really impressed with the crossfit games site, all about good mix of content, lots of videos, tips and stories.

    Hope that helps.


    I agree with Ben’s comment, simple but useful. Take a look at the National Portrait Gallery. Easy on the eye, current items on the front page, calendar on front page and contact channels all easily accessible.
    As an alternative, look at the CASK site for ease of navigation, all key themes across the top page, so easy on the eye and easy navigation

    Final suggestion – connect with one of the creative arts or technology centres/colleges in London or elsewhere, somebody would love the opportunity as a project – play to their strengths!

    I hope this is helpful


  3. Games workout site looks really good imo.

    Also this is a new one done in Dublin thats easy to use.

    Codifying the London Box’s culture in a concise and informative yet simple way is the key, IMO this is this box’s USP vs other London CF gyms in addition to what a great product CF is to sell in general.

    May be worthwhile mapping as well where people want to go, at the mo there’s some great content in the current site but you need to dig to get to it. In addition, its pretty easy to get lost and as I have around a 10 second attention span I ll click off a page if it doesnt have the main points up front.

    I also think we should try push up front is the community of this box, we had a great outing at the london games but we dont seem to sell that point nor do we make the whole community feel a USP. Alot of this is lost in that it appears in the latest news section and then as soon as another article is written get bumped down.

    The team element is also something that seems to have been let go. The team ie Alex, Tom, Paul, Kat and Adriene personified the culture of the Box whilst the team was in place, I think we should keep the team running as a rule with benefits for being selected for it ie something like thes at- sunday slot would be free for those people on the “panel”.

    Personally if this was my Box i would also look to recruit for this, with Reeboks involvement now in the sport the free publicity would probably more than cover the “cost” of giving away some free sat-sunday sessions when the box is closed anyways (ie light and heat). Also opens up a nice lead to the next bbq ie morning wods to see who should get in then food and beer after for spectators etc..or to intra london events blah blah with Reebok giving media exposure etc…. ie what a community CF london is and how these ebvents reinforce this message etc

    Anyways its about time I did some work.


  4. Really like that Crossfit Dublin site. It’s all up there and easy to find what they do and how to do it immediately. Interesting how they flog a class specifically for women’s particular interests (cardio, weightloss etc) Also I like that there’s a members area, so newbies aren’t faced with lots of geeky chatter straight off

  5. I 3rd that Kate. Dublin website pretty ace. A suggestion also that if there are to be pics of topless men (no complaints!) maybe ensure that they are not just shown from above the waist up as can look a little odd to a newbie as someone pointed out to me the other day when we were purusing the site 😉

  6. I think there is a lot that is already very right about the website and the two things worth concentrating on that would make it better are:

    1. Clarity of information and presentation for people who are new/interested/thinking about joining (I struggled with this a little bit before joining)
    2. Community feel for people who are already members and want to participate/engage with CF on an ongoing basis (I am still figuring out how this works)

    The Dublin site is really interesting because it makes a distinction between the two – happy to talk through any of this if you want anything a bit more specific

  7. I think the existing website is good too and very easy to use, especially for the most important thing which is booking classes.

    I think it would be work making it clear from the class decriptions the overall style of the class (ie Sally’s more cardio/metcon focussed classes). This means you wouldnt put off any potential female clients who may be concerned with a more strength focussed class and bulking up.

    Again it’s a lot about marketing, but if the first thing someone new to crossfit sees when clicking on the site is a bunch of topless guys lifting weights, that might not necessarily be great in terms of attracting new members. That will attract a narrow demographic of new people

    Just a thought though

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