Olympic weightlifting Masterclass 19th April : the afternoon experiment

19 Apr

Crossfit London  had  a great start to its first  1st daytime Olympic weightlifting masterclass ( they are normally on the weekends)

We had a small  mixed group of trainers and “normal people” who worked really well over the 3  hours. We got through the material promptly and so were able to get some extra practise time in, and do a bit of problem solving, especially on the common problems of wrist flexibility .

By the time the session was over, everyone had a good grasp of the mechanics of the squat, the clean and Jerk and the snatch: and if not everyone walked away with with perfect movement, everyone knew the drills they needed to use to get better!

Well done

One thought on “Olympic weightlifting Masterclass 19th April : the afternoon experiment

  1. Great day. Really useful to go through all those moves in one consecutive session. Seeing how they are connected and being able to go back and repeat basic details is very helpful.

    I only wish we didn’t have to be so mean to the kittens.

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