Raising the Bar: Crossfit Masters 2012

15 Apr

Raising the Bar; Crossfit Masters 2012 hosted by Dragon Crossfit in Cardiff, is the first European competition for over 40’s. Andrew, Tim Laurence and I went for it. It was our first time entering a live event, so I for one was pretty nervous and worried about whether I’d be able to keep up/survive! Our plan such as it was, was to turn up, hang out with great people, and have some fun.

As it turned out – we didn’t do too badly 😉

There were three WOD’s in the morning (I’m fairly sure they’ll be showing up in our schedules soon) and much to our surprise, Andrew and I both got through and qualified for the next round. After lunch, we were faced with this bundle of fun:

Row 400m, then 5 rounds of
10 pullups (pushups for me)
5 dips (horizontal ring rows for me)
Row 400m


There were two amazing guys in the men’s group: no 3 and 19 in the Crossfit Games world ranking. After watching for only a few minutes, I could see a big upset coming: It gives me the greatest pleasure to report that Andrew was leaving those guys standing! He finished first by a long way – hurrah for gymnastic bias! He earned his place in the final with the greatest honour. Those other 2 guys eventually came joint first.

My bash at the semi-final WOD wasn’t so glorious. I can hardly describe what its like to work so hard in front of a screaming crowd urging you on. My ring rows ran out fast, but thanks to Amelia and Andrew of Crossfit Avon screaming “KIP! Use your hips!” I got through it. The final row was hell, but I had a gang of friendly faces right in front of me shrieking my name, so I made it.


I was told later that I was all of 4 strokes behind the winner, so to my amazement, I also qualified for the final.

Well done to our Tim who represented, and came a respectable 9th overall. Andrew and I came 4th (we think – the scoring got a bit hard to follow towards the end, so will gladly update if that changes)

It was a fantastic day, brilliantly organised, great fun for everyone. And even though today we’re knackered and full of DOMS, we’re genuinely looking forward to next year.

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  1. Great achievement!!!! Well done x

    Next year I will be in the masters category……yikes!

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