Sally returns for your morning and evening pleasure…………..

02 Apr

Back after 6 months away and I am excited to get back into the swing of it.

There have been a few changes to the schedule,  let me explain………

So on the booking system the morning 6.30 session is down as a foundations class…….

People people, just because it says foundations doesn’t mean its easy!

My brief from Steven was to set programs that would suit foundations but all along have some tough cookie scales in mind for all the usual morning suspects.

For next week I have some tasty little WOD’s in mind so I am hoping for a good turn out…no pressure.

As for my usual Monday slot we have changed the format for the 6.30pm class, by popular demand for some hectic crazy WOD’s.

Don’t fret the 5.30 and 7.30 class will have the same feel to it but for all you crazy cats 6.30 is going to be a bombardment of met con joy!

The class will be either 2x 20 min wod’s or 3 10 minuter’s.

There wont be any barbells which will mean numbers for this class can go up to 10.

Sessions will be body weight based with a few kettlebells in there for good measure.

The aim of the class is to provide a session where you will, aside from time spent running over the moves, have little time for rest and lots of  mash up time.

I will leave a puke bucket at the front door lol.



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