The Crossfit BBC “Rush”.

21 Apr

Hi everyone.

The BBC ran a big story about Crossfit this morning and it seems to have starte quite a rush for our already packed beginner and foundation classes. As a result we will be putting a lot more of these session on .  Within the week  you should see extra morning, lunchtime and weekend classes  appearing. That said, if you simply must start straight away, you can always do our beginners programme on a 121 basis. Hit the getting started button, and  book or introductory 3 PT sessions for £125, and get booking

In the meantime, can we thank you for you patience. But  now this is a good time to have a look at our beginners programme, open an account by following the getting started  button ( its above you).

Its worthwhile pointing out that our olympic weightlifting masterclass and i-course, both give you most of the skills to need, so thats an equally good place to start

For our existing  members, Id like to reassure you that you are our priority, and we are seeking to create extra opportunities for you too!

If you have any questions to ask. do look at the FAQ 1st (under the getting started button),  but then do email me

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