WonderBar! Strength training for women. Masterclass 19 May 2-5pm

09 Apr

Here’s something for the women you know who havn’t yet discovered the joys of Crossfit, or lifting big butch weights. Feel free to like, link, and circulate among your friends. Here’s a PDF poster you can forward, too. Download it here

In what seems to be a never-ending effort to be toned, sleek and sexy – Crossfit London has news for you!
Strong is the new black!

In our 3-hour hands-on masterclass for women, WonderBar!, we will guide you safely through the strength moves that ultimately turn you into a strong, fit chick!. It’s a class that will suit women of all ages and abilities.

Regular gyms patronise women by rarely offering them more than jogging and yoga, whereas the really good stuff is hidden away in the weights room (jealously guarded by sweaty, bicep-curling men)

Not any more. At Crossfit London, the WonderBar team will teach you (with barbells)
The deadlift
The overhead press
The back squat

using all the scaling and assistance needed.

The seminar will be run by a team of qualified ladies of experience, passion and boundless enthusiasm for their subject in a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere. What’s not to like?

So get down to Crossfit London, ladies, and get lifting!


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3 thoughts on “WonderBar! Strength training for women. Masterclass 19 May 2-5pm

  1. Hi Kate,

    I’m a newbie (only just crept up to Foundation level classes) – do you think this would be a good top up skills session on top of the foundations classes?


  2. Hi Kat. The WonderBar! class is beginner level, but if you still feel like topping up your skills after doing a few foundations, you’re more than welcome to come!

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