Olympic lifts without shrugs and ankle lifts

31 May

As many of you are aware, Tom and  I have been trialling various alternatives to our conventional snatch teaching method.  Once you enter main class you may be given an alternative method of olympic lifting, that many call the catapult. It is currently advocated by Dom Mccauley. One of its primary features is the abolition, or avoidance of either a shrug or a “plantar Flexion at the ankle. The idea being that a fast hip and the use of the double knee bend should achieve what, allegedly, the shrug and  ankle lift did.

My  personal observations, thus far, is that its interesting enough to continue with the experiment, but as part of the Crossfit london brand is evaluation and research, we would be remiss if we didnt give you the counter argument. Its is interestingly summarised here by Sean Waxman  the owner of Waxman’s Gym in the UAS in an article entitled Pulling Technique In Weightlifting: The Triple Extension vs. The flat-footed/catapult

This said,  no matter the science or opinion,  some people simply need to lift the bar higher before they  can get under it and so probably need both versions ( start with our normal method, then be offered the catapult). I should also say that Sport Science in general is poor and often totally out of date.

We should be having  a coaches meeting ( June/July sometime) to go through the basic drills ( there is a 10 stage system) but you may well see these drills popping up more and more, with  a quick reminder that drills are drills and should not be taken out of context. Remember, we dont know which is method is right! It could be a case of finding what works better for you.

But for now, some Drills


Dirty dancing


Rock and roll


The Sweep



Stags vs Hens workout

29 May

All the way back in November 2010, three weeks into my first Tuesday and Thursday classes a wily young Irishman by the name of Ruairi showed up on a Tuesday morning. As he swaggered in, he seemed to eye everything with scorn and contempt and I knew he was going to be a troublemaker. However, after getting pinned under a few squats during a CrossFit Total he soon dropped the attitude problem and we saw the loveable young man we all know today.

It was that evening over dinner that Ruairi convinced his girlfriend Rosie that she should join him at the Thursday morning session. Whilst she initially told him where to stick it, she soon came around to the idea since it meant she could spend a few more precious hours of the day with her beloved.

The rest is, indeed, history. The two of them have been propping up my classes ever since. Yes Ruairi still gets pinned under his fair share of squats, Rosie complains whenever it’s cold but they are some of our finest, most capable and dedicated CrossFitters and it’s always a pleasure for any of the coaches to have them in our classes.

As many of you know they will be tying the knot at the end of June so on Thursday 14th June at 7am my class will be a Ruairi’s Stags vs Rosie’s Hens themed workout before their big day.

We welcome anybody who would like to take part and perhaps witness some humiliating punishment for the losing spouse. If so please book in as normal.

WOD: 29 May (AM)

29 May

Warm up/Skill: power cleans

Strength: platform deadlifts 1RM

Assistance: good mornings 3 x 12

Metcon: 1 power clean every minute on the minute for 15 mins. Add weight on 6th and 11th rep as appropriate.

WOD: 28 May (PM)

28 May

Warm up: one-handed (unilateral) farmers walk, double unders, platform deadlifts

Strength: deadlift – spend 20 minutes working up to a 3RM

Metcon: AMRAP in 8 minutes of 10 hand release push ups and 30 double unders

Finisher: in twos (or threes where appropriate) complete 100 toes to bar for time

seni volunteer shifts

27 May

Hi all


for those volunteering next weekend at seni, do these shifts work?

Sat 2 June






Jenny (starts at 2)




Sunday 3rd June





Chris W







Ill post the notes here tomorrow.

Crossfit Sunshine

26 May

Saturday 25th May 2012

Can you believe this weather? Well we will be making most of the good weather while we can.  One of the many ways to bring constant variety to your training is to vary the environment.  So lets get outside again.

Free strength and skill choice, looking for another PB in the classes again.  You have set the bar high and keep hitting those targets.  Keep up the excellent work.


50 press ups 15m lunge walk

10 squats 15m lunge walk

40 press ups 15m lunge walk

20 squats15m lunge walk

30 press ups 15m lunge walk

30 squats 15m lunge walk

20 press ups 15m lunge walk

40 squats 15m lunge walk

10 press ups 15m lunge walk

50 squats 15m lunge walk

If you want to increase the intensity carry a kettle bell or wear a vest.

Guys if you are reading this in the morning, think water, sun screen and appropriate clothing, its going to be a bit George Michael out there.


My vision is blurred after that WOD (Thursday 24th)

25 May

Thanks to Connor for the lovely quote. Day before finishing my university I thought I will be a lot nicer to you than usual so this is what we did:


Clean and jerk drills drills and drills again

WOD: 4 rounds for time

star run

10 front squats

then some pull up practice

This is how you’ve done:

6.30pm and 7.30pm:

clean and jerk drills then

EMOM for 10mins 2 clean and jerks then

EMOM for 5mins 2 negative or 3 weighted pull ups no bands allowed then

OHS and KB snatch practice then

WOD: 20-16-10

KB snatches


1min rest

shorter ‘Nancy’

5 rounds for time of

star run

OHS (42.5/30kg)

And this how you’ve done:

Well done everybody and see you all next week on Friday as I am taking Andrew’s class and he will do mine.


WOD 24 May (AM)

24 May

Strength: dynamic effort box squats 10 x 2 (55%) and weighted dip 1RM

Assistance: push ups 1 x maximum

Metcon/Finisher: 5 rounds of one minute handstand hold (backwards against wall) and one minute hollow body.

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