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30 Jun

Saturday 30th June 2012

Free strength and skill choice.  We are now the proud owners of a PB Bell.  It is hanging by the main door.  If you get a Personal Best in a lift, a new max’ number of reps, a new fastest time, more rounds or just manage to master a new skill. You can ring the PB Bell and share the joy.  Don’t let me down today.


5 minutes of squats

4 minutes of press ups

3 minutes of jumping lunges

2 minutes of pull ups

1 minute of tuck jumps

Late post from last Tuesday, why did Tom ruin your WOD by making you wait 2 minutes between rounds!?

27 Jun

Hey guys, excuse the late post!

Tuesday night’s classes both Morning (as seen on Chris’ post) and Evening classes featured the hero WOD “Bradshaw”!

Often the case with hero WOD’s, they are super loooooooong! This is mainly due to the workout rep scheme being orientated around the death of the fallen hero! However this presents a problem in many class environments as we have so many ranging abilities. Although it is essential for both the body and mind to endure a good old slugging for a solid 30 minutes plus, as well as doing the workout for the cause, we must be careful to maintain the integrity of what our programme is based on and in many circles, famous for….INTENSITY!

In the case of “Bradshaw”
10 rounds for time:
6 Deadlifts @ 100kg
12 Pull ups
24 double unders

We see high volume, typical for a hero WOD, but not just that, a particularly high number of pull ups in at a time which in many cases on Tuesday night proved to be the hurdle to jump within the round. For the average CrossFitter, it’s a pretty big ask to bang out a quick 12 pull ups or even an 8 + 4 combo! This strength hurdle presents quite the issue when presented with such a long WOD that one is trying to maintain intensity over!

From looking at the scores people were achieving from Chris’ class earlier on in the day with a 30 min cap, it became apparent that intensity in a METCON sense was well and truly lost!

So forgetting we were doing a HERO WOD and remembering that we want to get the best from a workout, here’s what we did. All movements were scaled as little as possible both in weight and range of motion:

If you completed the first round in sub 1:30 then feel free to crack on with the complete 10 rounds with a 25 min time cap. If you did complete the first round in sub 1:30, this obviously meant that you were not doing all of the sets unbroken and would soon lose all intensity. Therefore we made “Bradshaw” a nice interval session!
5-7 rounds (dependant on speed) for total time with 2 mins rest between each round (obviously all out effort executed during the round) thus ensuring enough rest to potentially achieve consistent times across all rounds.
Intervals are an essential fitness tool in any sport so why not include within the sport of fitness!?
As for the crazy mofo’s that did this mother of a workout Rx’d; Paul G (NZ) managed it in 24 mins and Ryan finished 8 in 25 mins. Needless to say 100% effort was shown by everyone, as always as CFL!

Monday 25th June (PM)

26 Jun

Back from Oz and full of beans.

Great effort from everyone

Boston Test (Kettlebell Swings and Goblet Squats)

10 minutes – for the hardcore lot we continued till the last man was standing.

Nice Work!!


WOD – The 400m Club Sandwich

400m run

30 Push Ups

400m run

20 ring dips

400m run

10 handstand push ups

400m run

Some impressive times in the 7.30 class, well done.

This workout was one of the three I did while visiting Australia. This wod was in Perth Southern Xfit. Lovely bunch of people with a huge gym.

Can you spot Snoop?
Can you spot Snoop?


Oh if only we had the space in London!
Oh if only we had the space in London!


Fitting more classes and “stuff in”

26 Jun

Just in case you thought Steven and I hadn’t noticed, we are actively attempting to  put on more classes and Pt sessions

Solution 1, is the next step up in venue. We are actively looking for 4 to 6000 sq foot locally and hope to find something soon,

Possible solution 2,  as a stop gap, is to resurrect an idea floated last year. We change the evening schedule to a 5,6, 7  start and add on an extra class  at 8 on the those night when  the instructor is capable of staying on their feet that long

A possible 3rd solution  is to add an early wod onto the sunday schedule ( say 9.30 to 10.30am).

A possible 4th solution is to add back the “weird” class to Colins saturday schedule ( by Weird I mean , it was the extra slot that for no reason, people wouldn’t go to.) So, would you go to a 12.30 saturday class?

We can only consider the 4 class a night if we get over 10 people to say that they could  and would  go to an 8pm class. If you can, and want to see this, add a big “yup” to comments. It will also take a lot of  comment  “love” to persuade us to make Colin stay an extra hour on a Saturday.

BTW, if you see  vacant property locally, let andrew or steven know.

WOD 26 Jun (AM)

26 Jun

Strength: deadlift 4-4-4-4-4 then 70% for 10-10-10

Skills: sumo deadlift high pulls

Metcon: “partner fight gone bad” five rounds, one minute at each station: sumo deadlift high pull (35/25kg), wall ball, push press (35/25), box jumps, row (cals). When one tires the other partner takes over. Contact must be made, not just verbal.

Post total reps/cals to comments.

June iCourse at CrossFit London

24 Jun

Another fantastic day at the (very real and) world famous CrossFit London iCourse!

We had another great crowd of eager learners and functional fitness enthusiasts in our (easy to find) gym today. And as usual we worked through everything from squats, to presses deadlifts and even kettlebells before lunch. The afternoon saw a lot of on-the-hands and hanging from the bar activity. You know – the fun stuff!

The format of the iCourse is straightforward: we teach you the progressions to learn – what we feel – are the fundamentals of functional/useful fitness. No blabbing about how many world-class lifters we have at our gym. No story-telling from our times in gyms in the 1970’s. Just plain old skills coaching that work. And some fairly dodgy humour.

Well done to everyone who participated today – you were great! And well done for finding the gym…I hear it’s not that easy…

A message for Fraser and Michael

Thursday 21st June (evening classes)

22 Jun

Skill: double unders

Warm up: tabata double unders (or attempts)

Strength: work up to your 1RM squat clean

WOD: 7mins AMRAP

5 push ups

7 heavy KB swings

9 ring dips

1min rest

10mins EMOM

3 squat cleans (70% 1RM)

7 box jumps


Well done to our new commers Melanie and Megan, Debbie for her first double unders, Alex for continuous double unders, Xaviera (who’s name I’ve misspelled) from CF Wollongong and everybody else who made it through.

Thanks quys and I will see you in three weeks time in the meantime you will have Tom on Thursdays.

WOD 20 June: Zombie survival skills & the loneliest barbell

20 Jun

Mr Stemler took a deserved rest this evening, allowing me to foist classic 0630 shenanigans and assorted high jinks on an unsuspecting evening crowd.

The focus of the warm-up was on developing critical, life-saving survival skills in the eventuality of a zombie apocalypse (or ninja zombies, or even just plain old ninjas depending on which class you attended). Spurred on by the (imaginary) sound of explosions and the (imaginary) sight of an undead hoard chasing them, everyone dived (dove?), rolled, cartwheeled and generally launched themselves across the mat with the combined grace and beauty of a troupe of dancing butterflies. Or something like that.

I then regaled everyone with the sad tale of the strict barbell press. Currently languishing dead last* in our barbell popularity contest, I felt it needed some cheering up this evening. So we did some presses. Actually, lots and lots of presses.

Noone likes the press....

5 set of 10 presses at 60% of 1RM – final set was for max reps. Shoulder achingly good.

Finally some old fashioned dumb(bell) fun. I tweaked and refined this WOD over the course of the day, much like a chef with a troublesome goulash. In end, I realised that it was simply missing some seasoning: burpees.

Today’s WOD (as it finally ended up)

AMRAP 12mins

  • 1 DB clean (right arm)
  • 1 DB front squat
  • 1 DB push press
  • 1 DB front squat
  • 1 DB split jerk
  • 4 burpees

Change hands and repeat. Joy!

Finally: sincere apologies to everyone whose name I either forgot or just got plain wrong all evening…Chris, Nick, Michael and probably a load of other people who didn’t point it out but kindly continued responding to someone else’s name all class…

* Just checked the voting this evening and it seems that the press has finally received one vote. Hopefully not just a gesture of pity…

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