Check your rings are set up properly!

10 Jun

Perhaps this  should be  a private note to trainers, but its useful that everyone understands a potential, lethal danger at our gym.

Steven and I have set up ring stations on our pull up bar systems. We check them every week for  “catch” malfunction, and fraying.  From now, no one, under any circumstances, may relocate a set of rings ( it never occurred to us that anyone would!). They must hang in the pull up space allocated.

Over the last few days, someone decided to remove a set of rings from their space on the front pull up bar system and hang them from the pull up bars in front of the “corridor” that divides the front to the back room.

Who ever did this relocation, dangerously botched the job. They rehung the rings in a way to  as to lethally  undermine their safety features.

as the video below demonstrates, the rings can only be strapped in a certain way. Failure to do this means that the buckle slides. Or, put it another way, if you had chosen to practise an upside down hang, It may have held long enough to get you upside down, then would have failed and dropped you on your head


Today, Im issuing this warning when I could easily be issuing a  serious injury report.

So, instructors, get everyone to check the rings are properly set before they are used.  And dont re-thread them.

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