Fitting more classes and “stuff in”

26 Jun

Just in case you thought Steven and I hadn’t noticed, we are actively attempting to  put on more classes and Pt sessions

Solution 1, is the next step up in venue. We are actively looking for 4 to 6000 sq foot locally and hope to find something soon,

Possible solution 2,  as a stop gap, is to resurrect an idea floated last year. We change the evening schedule to a 5,6, 7  start and add on an extra class  at 8 on the those night when  the instructor is capable of staying on their feet that long

A possible 3rd solution  is to add an early wod onto the sunday schedule ( say 9.30 to 10.30am).

A possible 4th solution is to add back the “weird” class to Colins saturday schedule ( by Weird I mean , it was the extra slot that for no reason, people wouldn’t go to.) So, would you go to a 12.30 saturday class?

We can only consider the 4 class a night if we get over 10 people to say that they could  and would  go to an 8pm class. If you can, and want to see this, add a big “yup” to comments. It will also take a lot of  comment  “love” to persuade us to make Colin stay an extra hour on a Saturday.

BTW, if you see  vacant property locally, let andrew or steven know.

9 thoughts on “Fitting more classes and “stuff in”

  1. 1) awesome!

    2) The nature of my work would not allow me to come to the 7pm classes so I’d only be able to make the 8pm class (not ideal if they’re not every night like the 7:30pm classes). For me personally the 7:30 pm classes are perfect. 8pm would be a bit late but the one I would have to attend if the schedule were to change.

    3) WODs on Sunday are very welcome for me. I wouldn’t always be able to make them but on the nights I don’t go out I’m always craving a good workout on Sundays. Even if it’s a WOD only class.

    4) The 12:30 class is the one I always used to attend. Yes!

  2. you will notice that there are now 2 sunday morning classes (9.30/10.30) with the legendary Phil Rolling.

    (Rope rings and bars moves into the back room with an enthralling mix of guest speakers)

  3. Hello!

    Considering my work schedule over the last few months, an 8pm class would be quite useful (the 7:30pm is even working out to be a bit early) so I would be quite happy to see that happen and would attend.

  4. Ive gone back to working long hours again 🙁

    so 8pm class would be awesome as miss you all !

  5. I’ve the same situ as Nick – can and would do the 8pm sessions as I can’t make a 7pm. I remember though that last time we ran this sometimes it was only me and Nick there and Nick not that your not fun to try and beat but we would definitely need more people and obviously to make it worthwhile for the coaches…
    It is not my pref though having class finish at 9pm, as I am getting old and need my beauty sleep!

    I probably wouldn’t attend a 12:30pm Saturday class, I’m a 10:30am trooper for sure
    Good to have Sunday WODs back though, and look forward to tyrannical rantings from Mr Rolling!

  6. I’m legendary now? I hope that’s in a good way.

    It’ll be very interesting to see who manages to drag themselves out to a 9:30 and 10:30 AM class on Sunday. I fully expect the old school regulars to make it. No pressure ladies and gentlemen.

    As I’m working till 1:30pm this Sunday, there will be no post WOD Nando’s run (sad I know), but next week it might be an option. Stay tuned.

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