Globe-hopping with Phil: The Return!

10 Jun

Hello everyone,

Some of you might remember me as the fellow with the funny accent who used to teach Tuesday evening.

For those of you who I haven’t met yet, don’t worry: I’m not nearly as strange as some people would have you believe.

After my year abroad, it’s official: I will be back in England on June 27th.

At some point in the future I’ll be coaching again, but you’ll see me at the gym well before that. From what I’ve seen from the blog, I have some work to do to catch up with you guys.

On a serious note, I learned one very important thing on my travels:

You have much less behavior to explain if you live with other Crossfitters.

– Steak at 8am?

– White powder on your clothes?

– Friction burns on your arms?

You can’t just say, “It’s Crossfit” because people don’t know what that is. So then you need to explain Crossfit, then functional movement, which can lead to somewhat lengthy discussions.

In an effort to avoid having to go through that once I’m back in England, if anyone needs a flatmate please send me a message here. I have a place to stay once I arrive and I’ll be looking for a long-term place, but when at all possible I prefer to give my money to other crossfitters.

See everyone soon.


3 thoughts on “Globe-hopping with Phil: The Return!

    1. Fyi: Brie is granted the right to refuse my weight recommendations for at LEAST a week once I start coaching again for housing me once I show up. It’s on the interwebs so it’s official now. 😀

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