In Honour of Her Majesty

02 Jun

Saturday 2nd June 2012

Ladies and gentleman please be upstanding for her Majesty the Queen.  Sixty years of service and still no sign of retiring.  It is quite something and only fitting that we should do a WOD to honour this.

Free strength and skill choice followed by the Diamond Jubilee WOD

30 Burpees

60 Squats

60 Pull Ups

60 Sit Ups

30 Burpees


4 thoughts on “In Honour of Her Majesty

  1. Alcohol and no sleep.

    So after getting to 175 DL, I went home and watched the European weightlifting finals to find that guys in my weight class are snatching 180! Pretty demoralising.

  2. Ha ha……is my technique really that bad 😉

    (I wasn’t really demoralised – but mad to think how much it’s possible to snatch)

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