June iCourse at CrossFit London

24 Jun

Another fantastic day at the (very real and) world famous CrossFit London iCourse!

We had another great crowd of eager learners and functional fitness enthusiasts in our (easy to find) gym today. And as usual we worked through everything from squats, to presses deadlifts and even kettlebells before lunch. The afternoon saw a lot of on-the-hands and hanging from the bar activity. You know – the fun stuff!

The format of the iCourse is straightforward: we teach you the progressions to learn – what we feel – are the fundamentals of functional/useful fitness. No blabbing about how many world-class lifters we have at our gym. No story-telling from our times in gyms in the 1970’s. Just plain old skills coaching that work. And some fairly dodgy humour.

Well done to everyone who participated today – you were great! And well done for finding the gym…I hear it’s not that easy…

A message for Fraser and Michael

10 thoughts on “June iCourse at CrossFit London

  1. Great course today guys thanks for all you help. Learnt loads, time for more practice. Loved the jokes :-).

    Steve h

  2. Crossfit Team

    Thanks for the inside knowledge and ideas into your gym and sessions many ideas will be built on here for use within my own gym, thanks again and any time you wish to run a workout in the Essex then my gym is at your disposal.

    Lee Watts

  3. Lee,
    I just googled your gym, curious about the mention of Crossfit and Essex in the same sentence and was happy to see it is Colchester based.
    Sounds like a great idea. Colchester needs Crossfit or at least I do when I am back home. I will have to come and check it out next time i’m in town.

    Tom M

  4. Thank you to all again for a brilliant day, the knowledge and the way all coaches got the ideas across were brilliant! All in all an excellent day with some great humour, many thanks.

  5. Thank you very much guys, it was so much fun and I learnt loads. I can’t wait to come back! Steve, I won’t take it personally that you are blocking my entire face in the second photo! 🙂

  6. this is a lie, Steven always attempts to obscure innocent peoples faces!!

    We have him working with a therapist to solve the issue!

    Olga, BTW, you were awesome

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