Kettle Bell Fun

16 Jun

Saturday 16th June 2012

Free choice for skill and strength, a PB Bell is on order via eBay and once delivered we can all have a turn at ringing it.

Fight Gone Bad is a legendary WOD.  By the third round you are feeling like you are moving in slow motion between stations.  Five rounds is simple hell and the effort to climb on and off the rower is ridiculous.  Five minutes of constant work with one minutes rest is hard, very hard. Your oxygen debt is never repaid until the finish.  When I have coached this in the past I noticed the deliberate procrastination between stations. This is you saying I need to prepare myself for the next minute but I will just drag it out a little to get some rest. You are feeling uncomfortable is really what is going on here.

So I devised a version where you can do all the movements on the spot you just have to change hand positions and feet position, simple. You can thank me later.

3 rounds for reps of

1 minute of one arm push press

1 minute of KBS

1 minute of one arm push press

1 minute of SDLHP

1 minute of goblet squat

1 minute rest. (‘cos I’m nice)


One thought on “Kettle Bell Fun

  1. An awkward WOD especially the one armed movement on the weak side. But everyone worked hard. Welcome back to a couple of old friends. Good work by Deborah and Patricia in the strength/skill session. Keep it up guys.

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