Late post from last Tuesday, why did Tom ruin your WOD by making you wait 2 minutes between rounds!?

27 Jun

Hey guys, excuse the late post!

Tuesday night’s classes both Morning (as seen on Chris’ post) and Evening classes featured the hero WOD “Bradshaw”!

Often the case with hero WOD’s, they are super loooooooong! This is mainly due to the workout rep scheme being orientated around the death of the fallen hero! However this presents a problem in many class environments as we have so many ranging abilities. Although it is essential for both the body and mind to endure a good old slugging for a solid 30 minutes plus, as well as doing the workout for the cause, we must be careful to maintain the integrity of what our programme is based on and in many circles, famous for….INTENSITY!

In the case of “Bradshaw”
10 rounds for time:
6 Deadlifts @ 100kg
12 Pull ups
24 double unders

We see high volume, typical for a hero WOD, but not just that, a particularly high number of pull ups in at a time which in many cases on Tuesday night proved to be the hurdle to jump within the round. For the average CrossFitter, it’s a pretty big ask to bang out a quick 12 pull ups or even an 8 + 4 combo! This strength hurdle presents quite the issue when presented with such a long WOD that one is trying to maintain intensity over!

From looking at the scores people were achieving from Chris’ class earlier on in the day with a 30 min cap, it became apparent that intensity in a METCON sense was well and truly lost!

So forgetting we were doing a HERO WOD and remembering that we want to get the best from a workout, here’s what we did. All movements were scaled as little as possible both in weight and range of motion:

If you completed the first round in sub 1:30 then feel free to crack on with the complete 10 rounds with a 25 min time cap. If you did complete the first round in sub 1:30, this obviously meant that you were not doing all of the sets unbroken and would soon lose all intensity. Therefore we made “Bradshaw” a nice interval session!
5-7 rounds (dependant on speed) for total time with 2 mins rest between each round (obviously all out effort executed during the round) thus ensuring enough rest to potentially achieve consistent times across all rounds.
Intervals are an essential fitness tool in any sport so why not include within the sport of fitness!?
As for the crazy mofo’s that did this mother of a workout Rx’d; Paul G (NZ) managed it in 24 mins and Ryan finished 8 in 25 mins. Needless to say 100% effort was shown by everyone, as always as CFL!

4 thoughts on “Late post from last Tuesday, why did Tom ruin your WOD by making you wait 2 minutes between rounds!?

  1. Not sure it will make my pathetic score look any better, but the cap in the morning class was 25 minutes and not 30. Also if you want people to become faster with pull ups, can we please spend more class time on practicing kipping? I am afraid 120 strict pullups performed at high intensity won’t ever happen for me.

  2. This was a great WOD. I missed the 1:30 cut-off on round 1 – which made me pull a face as I wanted to do the the Rx’d version. However, the 2 minute rest interval was sufficient to allow me to maintain a very high level of intensity in each of the work intervals – meaning that I got a very different, and much better, workout than I would otherwise have got…dying a death in the early rounds and getting slower and slower. Paul G and Ryan…you’re beasts!!

  3. First double hand tear in crossfit hurt like hell but not as bad as hearing Tom say “no rep”.

  4. Can’t wait to judge Tom in competition…..”that’s a no-rep”. Repeat at will.

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