Numerically challenged? (Thursday 31st May)

01 Jun

Warm up: dumbbell unpacking fun

then wall ball pass overs (over the bar) 10 burpees penalty if the ball is dropped

Strength: 5RM press then take 85% of 5RM and complete 2x max sets of press (this was a difficult and confusing task to calculate for the 7.30 class hence the title – you know who you are)


10x bear complex to buy in

then 3 rounds of

20 box jumps

15 thrusters

10 bar over jumping burpees

10 bear complex to cash out

We also had a visitor Henrik from CF Karlstad in Sweden:

And results:

Well done all and see you next week!


8 thoughts on “Numerically challenged? (Thursday 31st May)

  1. First WOD that I have felt nervous about for a while…..watching Neil collapse, then utter “worst WOD that I’ve ever done” then deluriously take photos of his sweat stains on the floor and Paul going into some sort of involuntary spasm with a round to go, kind of put the wobblies up the dunces of the waiting 7.30 class.

  2. The closest I’ve been to getting in the Rhabdomyolysis zone at crossfit so far. Good times.

  3. it was literally the most painful wod i have ever done. there was no post exercise high………….

  4. I was delirious for about an hour after. Kat does love a good bear complex!!!

  5. Neil btw you look surprisingly happy on that picture. Is it because the hell was finally over?
    Well done on Thursday it was a hard work but despite the swearing and cursing you all made it. Love you all guys.

  6. Thanks for an hour of good workout! Nice people and a appropriate box. A special thanks to Katarina for good instructions(i really needed them 🙂
    Il be back next time i visit London
    Cheers Henrik

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