Ringing In The Changes

30 Jun

Saturday 30th June 2012

Free strength and skill choice.  We are now the proud owners of a PB Bell.  It is hanging by the main door.  If you get a Personal Best in a lift, a new max’ number of reps, a new fastest time, more rounds or just manage to master a new skill. You can ring the PB Bell and share the joy.  Don’t let me down today.


5 minutes of squats

4 minutes of press ups

3 minutes of jumping lunges

2 minutes of pull ups

1 minute of tuck jumps

2 thoughts on “Ringing In The Changes

  1. That WOD was a lot harder than I imagined it would be; thanks for your help with my Power Cleans, Colin!

  2. It was my pleasure Patricia. Keep up the good work. Well done to Adnan, Tom and Eliza for your PB’s.

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