Thursday 21st June (evening classes)

22 Jun

Skill: double unders

Warm up: tabata double unders (or attempts)

Strength: work up to your 1RM squat clean

WOD: 7mins AMRAP

5 push ups

7 heavy KB swings

9 ring dips

1min rest

10mins EMOM

3 squat cleans (70% 1RM)

7 box jumps


Well done to our new commers Melanie and Megan, Debbie for her first double unders, Alex for continuous double unders, Xaviera (who’s name I’ve misspelled) from CF Wollongong and everybody else who made it through.

Thanks quys and I will see you in three weeks time in the meantime you will have Tom on Thursdays.

One thought on “Thursday 21st June (evening classes)

  1. Still hurting. You forgot to mention 2 awesome PBs by Mickel and I – a 100kg squat clean each….but according to Andrew my PB is the more awesome on account of me being very old. Thanks Andrew!

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