WOD 20 June: Zombie survival skills & the loneliest barbell

20 Jun

Mr Stemler took a deserved rest this evening, allowing me to foist classic 0630 shenanigans and assorted high jinks on an unsuspecting evening crowd.

The focus of the warm-up was on developing critical, life-saving survival skills in the eventuality of a zombie apocalypse (or ninja zombies, or even just plain old ninjas depending on which class you attended). Spurred on by the (imaginary) sound of explosions and the (imaginary) sight of an undead hoard chasing them, everyone dived (dove?), rolled, cartwheeled and generally launched themselves across the mat with the combined grace and beauty of a troupe of dancing butterflies. Or something like that.

I then regaled everyone with the sad tale of the strict barbell press. Currently languishing dead last* in our barbell popularity contest, I felt it needed some cheering up this evening. So we did some presses. Actually, lots and lots of presses.

Noone likes the press....

5 set of 10 presses at 60% of 1RM – final set was for max reps. Shoulder achingly good.

Finally some old fashioned dumb(bell) fun. I tweaked and refined this WOD over the course of the day, much like a chef with a troublesome goulash. In end, I realised that it was simply missing some seasoning: burpees.

Today’s WOD (as it finally ended up)

AMRAP 12mins

  • 1 DB clean (right arm)
  • 1 DB front squat
  • 1 DB push press
  • 1 DB front squat
  • 1 DB split jerk
  • 4 burpees

Change hands and repeat. Joy!

Finally: sincere apologies to everyone whose name I either forgot or just got plain wrong all evening…Chris, Nick, Michael and probably a load of other people who didn’t point it out but kindly continued responding to someone else’s name all class…

* Just checked the voting this evening and it seems that the press has finally received one vote. Hopefully not just a gesture of pity…

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