WonderBar! Strength Training Course for Women. Starts 7 July. Book now!

12 Jun

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Due to the tremendous success of our first WonderBar! back in May, we’ve decided to roll it out again – and this time make it part of a fantastic 3 masterclass course covering all the strength moves a girl could ever need.

You can download a PDF poster here

In women’s never-ending quest to get toned, sleek and sexy, Crossfit London has news for you. Strong is the new black! I don’t mean bulky –  strength moves develop beautiful toned muscle. And muscle burns fat – ’nuff said. So put down those pink dumbells and pick up that bar!

In our 3-hour hands-on masterclasses for women, WonderBar! you’ll be guided safely through the strength moves that ultimately turn you into a strong, fit chick!. These classes will suit beginners, up to those hoping to improve their technique. All ages and abilities welcome.

Over 3 workshops, the WonderBar! team will teach you, from scratch, all these fantastic, effective strength moves (using all the scaling and assistance needed):

WonderBar! ONE: Saturday 7 July, 2-5pm
Deadlift,  Overhead press, Back squat, Pull-ups (NB: this is a repeat of the original WonderBar!)
Price: £40
/Book now!

WonderBar! TWO: Saturday 15 September, 2-5pm
Front squat, Overhead squat, Push-press, Kettlebell swing, Ring Dips
Price: £40
/Book now!

WonderBar! THREE: Saturday 20 October, 2-5pm
The Olympic lifts: the snatch, the clean-and-jerk
Price: £40
/Book now!

Heads up! WonderBar! ONE and TWO are stand-alone workshops: you can do one or the other, whatever you fancy. But you will need to have completed BOTH to qualify for entry to WonderBar! THREE

As always, the seminars are run by a team of qualified women of experience, passion and boundless enthusiasm for fitness, in a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere.
What’s not to like?

So get down to Crossfit London, ladies, and let’s get lifting!

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