Foundations 31st July

31 Jul

After a nearly 4 months break I am back to teaching Tuesday’s beginners and foundations. And what is the better way of getting back into then then meeting completely new people and potentially our future crossfit stars?

So in order to keep the standards high we have gone through the snatch progressions, from the simplest hip drive all the way into the full squat drop; with the PVC and the bar too.

When I’ve next announced that we will be working on the headstands you should see the look on the guys faces. Epic! But well done to all of you who got their headstands after long years.

WOD for all: half Cindy

10mins AMRAP

5 pull ups/ring rows

10 push ups

15 air squats

with the little twist for the foundation classes when they had to complete 10 sit ups every 1.5mins.


Well done to Sophie for graduating into the foundations and also a warm welcome to our newest members Garrand and Olivier. You’ve done well tonight. See you all next week!



Monday July 30th (pm)

31 Jul

Sorry for the delay in posting folks but I have had a super busy day fighting a 10 month old teething baby! I finally have 5 minutes peace to myself so let me quickly get something up for you to read.

Strength tonight revolved around Deadlifts and Pull Ups.

Most of you know I personally am working on building up my pull up strength and advise you to just keep doing pull ups girls!!!!!!!!!! There is no cheat way about it.

Anyways..Deadlifts first.

Working @ 72.5% of your max performing 3 sets of 8 reps.

Tom is quickly running out of space on the bars for adding more weight so I think we are just going to make two equally weighted people sit on either end.

I am sure he bent the bar too?!?!?

Pull ups next…

5 sets of 3-7 reps working on the appropriate level.

Level 1 -Strict Chest 2 bar, add modest weight if possible.

Level 2 -Chest 2 bar with modest partner assistance.

Level 3 -Using and or both band and modest assistance.

Level 4 -Deep Ring Rows


The WOD for tonight was as follows:

12 Minute AMRAP

8 Sumo-deadlift high pulls

8 Toes 2 bar or 10 Knees 2 elbow

OMEM 3 Burpees

Nice work crew, see you next week.


The Crossfit London Mobility class

31 Jul

Here is  a great date for your diary.

On the 18th August (saturday 1.30-2.30) Carolyn with close support from  Phil will trial our 1st ever mobility class aimed at teaching you the stretches and mobility drills you should be doing at home or before  (after) class.

So its always nice to have some insight into the motivations of the people teaching you: at your local  leisure centre, you get a disinterested “fitness instructor” wasting your time. At Crossfit London we bring you passionate experts.


Not sure where I would be without my mobility and flexibility. It gives me range of movement and awareness of where my body is when it moves.
Strength alone won’t just do you have to have the range of movement to able to finish off the movement. I think it’s one of the last things looked at when training, but one of the most important.


My interest in mobility originated in injury. An old break had never been a problem because my range of motion was deemed to be, “within functional limits”. Once I started training Crossfit however, I realized just how limited I was. My attempts to regain better movement to improve my performance and avoid future injury lead me to a Crossfit Mobility Certification and halfway across the world to Crossfit San Francisco to meet the founder of MobilityWOD. I try to use mobility work as a tool to help athletes better prepare, perform and recover from their training.


The class is in the class schedule, so get booking now.



WOD 31 Jul (AM)

31 Jul

Main class will be proceeding with the new strength programme. Focusing on the Olympic lifts today before moving on to a spin on workout Cindy. Just three rounds but everything tripled. Funny how the 45 air squats look so unassuming on paper. Foundations get a regular Cindy but capped at 15 minutes.


Warm up: power snatch and power clean

Strength: power clean 3-3-3-3-3 (85%) and power snatch 3-3-3-3-3 (85%)

Metcon: 3 rounds of 15 pull ups, 30 push ups, 45 squats

8am Foundations

Strength: power snatch 3-3-3-3-3

Skill: handstand

Metcon: 15 minute Cindy – as many rounds as possible of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats

Links and News and Things…

Keep an eye on what trainer Sally’s own training is looking like at the moment, make sure you check out her blog.

Two sides to every story, though when it comes to cholesterol we only ever hear about the negative studies. Quick overview of a pro-cholesterol study.

Are you letting Team GB inspire you to get your gymnastics groove on? Regular classes at CrossFit London UK every Sunday.


THE perfect Monday WOD!

30 Jul

As I wound up my blinds this morning I was greeted with a GLORIOUS clear blue sky and all was good!

What more could you wish for on a Monday morning:

Clear blue skys…

Sun shining…

High volume Deadlifts…(3×8 @72.5% of WM)

Dynamic Effort Pull Ups… (EMOM for 7 mins, 3 pull ups@ 60% 1RM OR 3 negatives)


12 Min AMRAP of Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

(In pairs, 1 person performs as many SDHP with a 32/20kg KB in the time in takes the other person to perform 20 Grasshoppers, then rotate. Every 2 minutes, 100m shuttle run with your KB)

Rita and Bethan killed it on the lighter weight, plenty of work! Mac and Gideon chased the big boys Adam and Ruairi whilst they were cracking through reps on the 32KG! And Ben was not letting the girls get ahead of him by an inch! Good work everyone, and great to see you working together by the end of the WOD to make that run a little easier!

Hey check out Seb’s killer skills!


WOD Sunday July 29: Sunday Oddities.

29 Jul

Sundays are great.

They not only allow me a bit more freedom in programming and experimenting with different skills, but 9:30 to 11:30 AM on a Sunday is early. It takes a special kind of person to be at the gym that early.

That special kind of person, I can usually throw all kinds of oddities, and they don’t seem to mind. Obviously, I take full advantage and test out some tougher skills or workouts.

Today’s oddity was two fold:

Snatch Balance, and Headstand practice.

Snatch Balance:

With the new programming we drill the pulls of the Snatch very regularly, but the receiving position can still cause issues. The Snatch Balance lets you practice catching the bar under load and making sure you’re actually stable in each position.

Snatch Balance:


The goal wasn’t to go too heavy, the goal was to learn to drop under the bar as quickly and as correctly as possible to address any stability issues.

Then off to some headstand practice.

The headstand is a progression to work into handstand push ups, once you have an athlete in a headstand, you can test how solidly they can maintain mid-line stability and how much control they have. We’ll address this a bit more at a later date.

Then, off to the workout:

“Box Jump Helen” 15 Minute Cap

3 Rounds

40 Box Jumps

21 KB Swings @ 24KG

12 Pull ups

Today, I was more interested in speed then with strength work, so kipping pull ups were allowed. (Shocking. I know) Everyone went for it hard and we saw some impressive times all around, quite a few sub 10’s, a few 12’s. Most everyone finished within the time cap and (interestingly) in waves.  Very impressive performance to everyone and I’ll see you all Wednesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“Blasphemy!” To Adnan. Adnan dared suggest that the soundtrack to The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t epic training music. Obviously sir, you are mistaken and you do know understand the level of epic that is this movie. Tom will back me up.

“The Machine” To Mikkel. What’s Danish for the Machine? Because I think that’s what I’m calling Mikkel from now on. Not only did he get one of the top times of the day (8:23), he did so while swinging a 32KG Kettlebell.

.”The Troopers” To the 10:30 Class. I set time limits on workouts to protect people from themselves, but once in a while, someone actually ASKS PERMISSION to suffer longer. I was very impressed with everyone’s performance.

Friday 27th July

28 Jul

Nice and busy Friday and we had plenty of stuff to get through.

Drills with PVC for strict press. Importance of staying tight throughout the movement was reminded to guys at every occasion. Then we did 3-3-3-3-3-3-3+ set of strict press with 75% of the working 1RM (90% of your recent 1RM).

Then we threw in 2-2-2-2-2 sets of weighted pull ups or negatives for those who had to work on their pull ups. Some impressive weights from both classes so well done Everybody was asking why weighted pull ups if we had pull up in the WOD? My theory however was that once you complete your heavy pull ups it should be very easy to complete the sets of 5s.

WOD: 15min AMRAPof

5 strict pull ups

7 thrusters

twist: star run at the beginning, minute 5 and minute 10.


Well done all and see you next week!


Boulders, Pythons and workout that made you wish it was “Fran”!

27 Jul

I’ m loving these morning classes! You early birds mean business! Not that my regular Tuesday warriors do not, there’s  just a very different cool, calm and collected atmosphere in the morning, maybe it has something to do with everyone still being fast asleep and therefore like CrossFit zombie’s that do whatever you ask of them without question!?

Heavy shoulder presses which was sighed on by Mike as he feels this week has been rather shoulder dominant. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but as a keen endurance athlete, when I first started CrossFit, I didn’t notice it being legs everyday, I thought “bloody hell, everything we do uses the shoulders!” So when Mike sighed thinking “oh god, shoulders again” we actually worked out that today was only the second “shoulder day” this week, the first being on Monday with the strength element being Strict Press, it’s just that where many people’s shoulder strength is lacking, other exercises where the shoulder’s are used in a supportive role not necessarily as the prime mover such as pull ups, push ups and toes to bar become quite taxing on the “olde delts”!

After a structured 7×3 shoulder press set, I gave the guys 10 mins to establish a ME pull up, some great numbers got thrown about during this and with many of the guys really using the short/ lengthening cycling at the bottom of each rep to go onto the next with great success!

With a good 5 mins rest/ WOD prep we cracked on with the WOD:
15,12,9 reps
DB Thrusters (20/12.5kg ea)
pull ups
Run 800m
9,12,15 reps
DB Thrusters
Pull ups

No surprises that 100% effort was seen by all, however as usual, the intensity stopper was Pull Ups! 2 things can help this: work on your pull up strength; a great way to do this is by doing sets of pull ups in your day to day life, door mounted pull up bars cost next to nothing on eBay or Amazon and you’ll be surprised how much stronger you get by just doing a few pull ups in the morning and in the evening! Secondly; practising how to “kip”, if your strength is not that much of an issue it’s all about being efficient! No good doing 15 strict on the first round then be fried for the rest of the WOD!

Oh and always listen to the WOD brief or at least read the board, a certain someone made life that much harder by doing 21,15,9!
As always, if you have any quezzies please do not be afraid to ask!

Thursday 26th July (pm)

27 Jul


I had three lovely ladies and a long time no see Phil. So we started of with air squats and appropriate drills to correct everyone’s technique. Then we have moved onto PVC overhead squat drills before jumping under a heavier bars. Well done to Lea, Audrea and Katie for sticking with it and getting better with each move.

Then the fun part: handstands. Importance on these is to pull from your midline rather than kicking up into it. So we drilled progressions and then got Lea and Katie to do their first handstand.

WOD classes:

After some reminders of front squat bar position and depth of the squat everyone had time to get to their working weight.
With the military precision we have completed 5 sets of 5 and 6th set of 5+ front squats with the 70% of your working weight (90% of your recent 1RM).

Then instead of doing drills with PVC I got the guys to drill the movement patterns with the bar before we have completed 5 sets of 3 power snatches with the 95% recent 1RM.

If you didn’t know your 1RM, then you have to work towards 5RM or 3RM. Easy…

WOD: (same for all classes)

1min of max DB snatches

1min max push ups

repeat 5 times

and here is how you’ve done:

Also warm welcome to Rupert who came back to us after 9months of traveling.

Well done all and see you on Saturday!

Wednesday 25/07/12

26 Jul

So Wednesday morning came, and so did my first official Crossfit London class, obviously very excitable and raring to go at 6:30am….here’s what we did

Power clean @ 95% of 1RM

We had a few guys who already knew what there 1RM was so they contently worked towards their 95%… with everyone else we decided that after their warm up sets we either worked up to a weight that was challenging enough to do 5×1 or get to a weight that we failed at and then knock about 5-10% off and go for 5×1…..all in all great work!


We also worked on some technique for ring dips, thank you very much to Samir for being my demo girl 🙂 introducing kipping into the mix was fun…

The WOD:

6 min AMRAP

8 Squat jumps

12 DB Push Press

16 Box Jumps


Well done everyone, it was nasty on the legs but great scores all round!

Mike, thank you for not letting your shoulders pop out, Rita nice work powering through your most hated thing, and welcome back Gideon….hope today isn’t too painful for you!

Thank you to everyone for making it such an easy first class to teach!


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