Boulders, Pythons and workout that made you wish it was “Fran”!

27 Jul

I’ m loving these morning classes! You early birds mean business! Not that my regular Tuesday warriors do not, there’s  just a very different cool, calm and collected atmosphere in the morning, maybe it has something to do with everyone still being fast asleep and therefore like CrossFit zombie’s that do whatever you ask of them without question!?

Heavy shoulder presses which was sighed on by Mike as he feels this week has been rather shoulder dominant. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but as a keen endurance athlete, when I first started CrossFit, I didn’t notice it being legs everyday, I thought “bloody hell, everything we do uses the shoulders!” So when Mike sighed thinking “oh god, shoulders again” we actually worked out that today was only the second “shoulder day” this week, the first being on Monday with the strength element being Strict Press, it’s just that where many people’s shoulder strength is lacking, other exercises where the shoulder’s are used in a supportive role not necessarily as the prime mover such as pull ups, push ups and toes to bar become quite taxing on the “olde delts”!

After a structured 7×3 shoulder press set, I gave the guys 10 mins to establish a ME pull up, some great numbers got thrown about during this and with many of the guys really using the short/ lengthening cycling at the bottom of each rep to go onto the next with great success!

With a good 5 mins rest/ WOD prep we cracked on with the WOD:
15,12,9 reps
DB Thrusters (20/12.5kg ea)
pull ups
Run 800m
9,12,15 reps
DB Thrusters
Pull ups

No surprises that 100% effort was seen by all, however as usual, the intensity stopper was Pull Ups! 2 things can help this: work on your pull up strength; a great way to do this is by doing sets of pull ups in your day to day life, door mounted pull up bars cost next to nothing on eBay or Amazon and you’ll be surprised how much stronger you get by just doing a few pull ups in the morning and in the evening! Secondly; practising how to “kip”, if your strength is not that much of an issue it’s all about being efficient! No good doing 15 strict on the first round then be fried for the rest of the WOD!

Oh and always listen to the WOD brief or at least read the board, a certain someone made life that much harder by doing 21,15,9!
As always, if you have any quezzies please do not be afraid to ask!

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