Butt pain = correct ROM, no butt pain = incorrect ROM

08 Jul

This is a little something to follow Thursday night’s WOD with thanks to Rudy Neilson:

4 rounds for total reps:

2 min AMRAP:


10 HR Push Ups

10 Pull Ups

2 min to est ME UB Power Cleans at 75%


Now… I’ve seen many of you since Thursday and been hurled abuse at on Facebook from some of you, Alex! It has been interesting to find out who has been suffering from DOM’s or even IOM’s on their ass and who hasn’t!

After talking to Colin and a few others who understand that a SPLIT JUMP  requires you to clearly jump off the floor and momentarily open the hips before landing with both feet simultaneously whilst gently kissing your knee on the floor, we come to the conclusion that if your butt didn’t hurt after that WOD you MUST have been doing the funky telemark foot switch thing, where although your feet were hitting the floor at the same time and the knee touched the floor, you were not pushing the ROM (range of motion) and you were not controlling the knee touch to the floor i.e. eccentric loading i.e. butt pain!

This may not seem like a big deal BUT controlling the eccentric phase of a movement is essential when building strength endurance. Not picking on you guys but, the likes of Big Tom and Big Ben struggle with controlling the eccentric phase of movements and therefore struggle with strength endurance due to not utilising  the eccentric loading and short lengthening cycle of the muscles being used. However this is something we are working on with Ben and Tom in particular as they have monstrous potential if they correct this issue but some of you may relate to this problem also.

Therefore control your movements and hit correct ROM with the recommended weight and equipment or as close to those numbers as possible, to become stronger and fitter across broad time and modal domains, even though it may affect your WOD time, it’s for the greater good! However at the end of the day it’s going to come down to the amount of time and effort you put into becoming AWESOME! You don’t see Bradley Wiggins with the Yellow Jersey on the Tour de France because he did 3 spin classes a week do you!?

Plus, more appropriately, it’s the key to a great butt!

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