Foundations 31st July

31 Jul

After a nearly 4 months break I am back to teaching Tuesday’s beginners and foundations. And what is the better way of getting back into then then meeting completely new people and potentially our future crossfit stars?

So in order to keep the standards high we have gone through the snatch progressions, from the simplest hip drive all the way into the full squat drop; with the PVC and the bar too.

When I’ve next announced that we will be working on the headstands you should see the look on the guys faces. Epic! But well done to all of you who got their headstands after long years.

WOD for all: half Cindy

10mins AMRAP

5 pull ups/ring rows

10 push ups

15 air squats

with the little twist for the foundation classes when they had to complete 10 sit ups every 1.5mins.


Well done to Sophie for graduating into the foundations and also a warm welcome to our newest members Garrand and Olivier. You’ve done well tonight. See you all next week!



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