Foundations July 19th: Short and Sweet.

19 Jul

Today we looked at the Snatch in all kinds of depth. Literally.

We worked with PVC. We worked with Barbells. Hang position, power snatch, muscle snatch, high pulls. You name it. We did it.

After running drills, we worked our way up with load to see how everyone worked under stress with some heavier singles and doubles.

After that information overload, it was off to a short and easy workout.



KB swings

Box jumps

Push ups

Not much to worry about here. 45 reps total, easy movements, and no reason to put on the brakes. Which is part of the fun. It’s a triplet that lets you cut loose and finish in the single digits. Very satisfying.

Well done to everyone tonight and excellent improvement on technique.

See you all Saturday.

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