Foundations July 22: I think they like it..

22 Jul

Today’s foundations followed the same general template as the main class, except that we worked up to a heavier deadlift to test form under stress to try to figure out a good working max.

A good part was that most everyone figured out that they could pick up more then they originally thought. For some, it was either bodyweight or higher.

The best part was that they all seemed like they wanted to go heavier.

And so it begins!

After the deadlift work, it was off to the WOD

“freddy krueger”


KB Swings (scaled)

Burpees (scaled)

Scaled doesn’t mean much here. While the weight might have been a bit lower, that just means that there’s less reason or need to slow down. As a result, everyone is able to push just that much harder when trying to get the WOD done.

Very impressive job, see you all Tuesday.

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