Foundations July 24: Mini Helen

24 Jul

Oh Foundations. Where skills get worked on, and the workouts look easier on paper.

Today’s Foundations had quite a bit of fun working on their deadlift form and learning how to get better positions at each stage of their lifts.

Once some practice was under the belt, it was off to the strength portion:

5 x 5 Deadlift @ 70% of 1RM.

If someone didn’t know their 1 RM, we found a good balance between difficulty and stress.

After the heavier deadlifts, we moved on to some push up practice. I tend to gravitate towards push ups that have the most skill transfer possible, so we worked on keeping a tight body position throughout, and keeping our elbows as close to the body as possible. Trying to ring dip or muscle up with elbows out is rather difficult, and it’s good to ingrain proper habits early.

Finally, the WOD

“Mini Helen”

3 Rounds for Time – 12 minute cap

20 Box Jumps

15 KB Swings

3-6 pull ups

The pull ups were kept open to make sure that no one lost too much time on any one movement. Box jumps and KB Swings tend to blaze by quickly, but pull ups you either have multiple ones, or you need to build up to them. I tend to care more about quality then quantity, so I’m a bigger fan of letting people take the total number of pull ups down as long as their form stays clean throughout.

I was very pleased that everyone finished within the cut off time and managed to dish out some proper looking pull ups.

Well done and I’ll see you all Thursday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“The Professionals” To the 7:30 Class. Very interesting bunch. Sober, direct. They got all the work they needed to get done with minimal fuss and with stoic masks. Very British.

“The What Now?” To Rebecca. After running through some of the deadlift faults, the “Stripper Deadlift” (Legs straighten without the torso moving). The look on Rebecca’s face after my demo (with facial expression) was priceless. Totally made my day.

“Level Up!” To Adrea. Lucky Adrea did so well on her pull ups today that she gets to scale up from a green band to a blue band! Joy and ebullience!

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