Foundations July 5th: Hollows and Ring Dips.

05 Jul

Ahh foundations. Where everyone, instructors included, get to work on their goats.

A “goat” (short for scapegoat) refers to a movement that an athlete may need to work on. We all have them, and the great part is, once you fix one, you probably have another one pop up! What fun!

Today’s foundations spent a good portion of time tweaking and improving the push jerk, because it’s all in the timing. However good progress was made by all, and everyone moved more confidently, even under load.

That done, we moved on to a quick refresher on how to apply the hollow position to the Ring Dip and the push up. Staying tight during a rind dip is important, especially when it comes to the elbows. If your elbows splay out at the bottom of a rind dip, you’re making your life harder for yourself and increasing your risk of injury.

Off to the WOD


12 min amrap

3 pull ups

6 push ups

12 squats

It’s kind of like Cindy, except that it looks a bit easier. Unfortunately, because of the lower reps and the shorter time, that just means that you don’t stall so quickly on problem movements, and since you only have to work for 12 minutes, you don’t pace yourself quite as much as you would for a full 20. It’s excellent fun.

Well done Foundation-ers. See you Sunday.

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