Foundations July 8th: Almost, but not quite, easier.

08 Jul

Today’s foundations was almost easier then the WOD class, but not by much.

As for the WOD class, the main lift for the day was an attempt at a 15 rep Overhead Squat, except that the focus was less on weight and more on quality in the squat. Making sure that everyone had a good starting and bottom position, started the squat correctly and stayed tight through every rep.

To prepare for the workout, we practiced applying the hollow position to our pull ups and push ups before getting to the WOD.


Tabata 6 rounds:

Pull ups

Push ups

Sit ups


A 6 round tabata might not sound as bad as 8 rounds, except that shorter workouts mean that there’s less of an urge to conserve energy. Everyone seemed to have decided that less time to work meant they needed to do more then the WOD class, and proceeded to try to put themselves through the floor with perfect form.

I was very proud.

See you all Thursday.

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