July 17th: Foundations. Front Squat Fun.

17 Jul

Today was an in depth look at all the fun things associated with the Front Squat and test it with some new programming ideas we’re playing with.

After some basics with PVC, we moved on to the more interesting:

4 x 10 reps @60% 1RM


1 x 10+ @60% 1RM

There is a method to the madness, which we will get into in the next few weeks. Right now, it’s all about testing and tweaking to see how everyone reacts to the volume and the weight before we make it more interesting.

I’m sure you all already meticulously track your weight/workouts in some way, and it would be a very excellent thing to pay especially close attention over the next two weeks.

After the fun with the Front Squats, we moved on to the workout.

As Many Reps as Possible:

4 min Strict Pull ups

4 min Strict Press

4 min toes to bar

Depending on how hard you push yourself, this doesn’t have to be a difficult workout. If, however, you decide to go for broke and work hard, this workout pushes back.

Everyone decided that beating my numbers was a good idea and attacked each set with gusto. It made me proud. The foundations-ies (I don’t have a good name for them yet.) are well on their way. Bewared regulars, you have some competition shaping up.

See you all Wednesday

Arbitrary Awards:

“The Superstar” To Emily. Emily has been watching the Crossfit Games and is highly motivated to become more awesome. Hence, why she does boat loads of strict pull ups to become a beast. ūüėÄ

“Too badass” To Eliza. Lucky Eliza. She proved her mettle today, which means that she gets to scale up on everything next class! Yah!

“All go, no Ego” To the 7:30 class. I’ll be the first to admit it, I have a tendency to overestimate how much weight I need on a bar. It’s an affliction that hits most guys which we’ll call “Overestimatitis” for fun. So imagine my surprise when the 7:30 class, guys only, made NO errors estimating the weight they needed for their front squats. I was¬†pleasantly¬†shocked.

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