Monday 23rd July New Central Program Begins

24 Jul

Ok so first day getting to grips with the new programming system.

The session went like this………

Warm up with Snatch Drills

Set up for 95% Snatch 1×5

Next up Back Squat.

5 sets of 10 @ 60%

(Ideally a lower bar)

On the final set rep out but each additional rep must be technique perfect just like the first.

When setting up be conservative with your weights. This is day one and you need somewhere to go with this and improve.

The WOD was a simple 8 minute AMRAP

Ladder stylee!  Burpees and Hang Power Cleans

Due to the crazy warm conditions we had two bars set up outside, while the rest stayed inside.

Starting at 1 work up the ladder for 8 minutes.

Weight was rounded up using 50% of the 95% Snatch.

Burpees were bar hop burpees meaning hop/jump over bar each time.

Nice work Gang, see you same time next week.



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