Monday 2nd July (pm)

03 Jul

Happy July boys and girls.

Here is what was on offer yesterday.

Team Building with Kettlebells-

In pairs accumulate Snatches and Turkish Get ups.

The only rule was one person can work at a time.

This wasn’t about smashing it out and more about getting the TGU right and prepping the shoulder for the WOD.

Most of you used a 12kg for your TGU with the odd 16 and some with 8’s.

The TGU is a humbling move as it calls for a good deal of flexibility and stability.


Today’s wod was taken from my Aussie tour, this time in Brisbane, Crossfit Resolve.

An awesome bunch of people who still remember you well Richard!!



WOD  -AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Pull ups

5 Ring dips

15 Squats

Rules – Kipping only allowed after a couple of strict rounds, use least band support needed, FULL RANGE

For those in my 7.30 class I will look into an Irish Jig for next week.

Well Done Crew, it feels a lot longer then 20 minutes but well satisfying at the end.

See you next week for the final Aussie tour installment.


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