Monday (pm) 16th July

17 Jul

The theme for tonight was intervals.

I wanted 3 workouts that would last no more then 5-8 minutes and work you hard.

The session was spattered with typical Crossfit gymnastic moves and a little play on the Bear (my favourite).

Here’s how it went……….

1 minute on each exercise keeping a running total as you work.

Jumping Lunges  –  Knees to Elbow

Jumping Squats  –  Pull ups

Burpees  –  Ring dips

There is no rest between moves. The aim is to start out strict (do what you can without support or a kip) then for the remainder of the minute rack up the total using a band or your kip. You always want to keep practising what you can strict! It’s good for the soul.

For those who had injury the squats and lunges were without the jump and with the option of added weight.

Next up was a play on the Bear and the Boston test.

Drilling the moves and explaining the rules gave plenty of recovery time.

Power Clean

Front Squat


Push Press

Front Squat

This gave a great number of reps over a short period with intervals.

This is tougher then it looks.

The Rules….

Starting on minute 1 – 2 reps of each move. Rest for remainder of minute.

Add a rep for each following minute.


I have to give Cindy a mention after her amazing scores. She easily matched the 5.30 class and being the eldest lady tonight she rocked with strict pull ups a plenty. As usual Cindy great work.


Everyone to be fair was awesome, intervals are not necessarily the most fun but do allow for intensity to hit a high.




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  1. It was painful, sweaty, dirty, and even a bit grunty. Quite enjoyed the short sharp intervals, kept it interesting. Nice one!

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