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22 Jul

We’re finally launching our new experimental programming template this coming week.

But why? What’s wrong with what we have been doing?

This is really a case of us trying to further improve on our model rather than anything being wrong with what we have been doing so far.

We have got nearly three years of programming experience under our belts and have learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. We have also been keeping a close eye on the development of CrossFit across the world and are trying to bring this learning into what we do at CrossFit London.

So what will be different? Zumba? Horsebic?

The main difference will be an adjustment of focus rather than any wholesale changes.

Strength development: This will be a little more structured than previously, while ensuring that you don’t turn up to three deadlift sessions in one week…!

Olympic lifting: There will be more of this. Expect to PR on a regular basis!

Gymnastics: We’re going to take a more focused approach to ensure that everyone picks up these key skills

WODs: Still hard. Maybe harder…

Zumba/Horsebic: Not yet…

Tracking your training

This is going to be even more important than before. Much of what we plan to do with the barbell work (strength and oly lifting) will be based on percentages of your recent/best lifts. If you don’t know what these numbers are, we risk getting the loading wrong (too heavy or too light).

With this in mind we have created a tracking spreadsheet for the strength programme (to start with). It is set up such that you should be able to just plug in your numbers and it will tell you your loading and volumes.

There are two version of the spreadsheet: one for use on your main computer, and one that you can use on your ‘mobile device’.

Spreadsheet version: 120717 – Tracking Sheet – Strength Programme – Excel version

Mobile version: 120717 – Tracking Sheet – Strength Programme – Portable version v0.2



15 thoughts on “New programming template & training tracker

  1. Is the 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 reps.week ?

    Do you recommend your working max to be 10% below your 1rm?


    1. @Ruairi – your working max should be a maximum of 90% of your best/most recent lift.

      Each of the lifts are starting on a different phase this week (so as not to get boring!) Deadlifts started on 8.1 today.

  2. Great – thanks Steven, makes more sense now – I didn’t realise you enter your number of amap reps into Final Set box and it calculates a new theoretical 1rm – I had presumed this was the prescribed final set – which looked ambitious!

    1. Be wary about putting too much store in the projected 1RM; it is indicative at best, especially for the higher rep ranges. It does give some way of comparing the intensity of lifting sessions where the loads and rep ranges are different. It is also useful as a guide over time as we are looking for a gentle up-slope!

  3. Word of warning…where a programme doesn’t start at 10.1 (for example, starting today with deadlifts at 8.1) it’s necessary to adjust the numbers on the template – it calculates assuming that all programmes start with 10.1. So, if like me, you entered current working max for 1RM DL at the top, then checked the calculated weight for 8.1, you’ll find that it’s higher than 65%. You will need to adjust the table so that the new working max after 10.3 (row 29) reflects your current 1RM.

    This is all probably extremely obvious – but it nearly gave me a heart attack, thinking I was being expected to do 5×8 at around 80% of my working max!

    1. @Tim – Sounds like there may be a problem with the spreadsheet…it should be set up so that you can enter your working max and then start anywhere. Be sure and remove the example numbers for 10.1-10.3 though…!

      8.1 should be 65% of your working max and then gets heavier as you progress to 8.2 and onwards.

  4. @Steven – don’t think there’s a problem with the spreadsheet. I hadn’t properly adjusted for the example numbers! How will the various lifts be programmed through the week – will Tuesday now be DL day?

  5. Yes very! I meant Tim. BTW, if we are talking spreadsheets, shouldn’t the bench column be hidden for CFLUK 😉

  6. For those of you who hate this % based powerlifting approach, dont worry. This is simply an experiment. The other experiment, that Colin has been running, has been the ” free strength sessions” where you are free to adopt the protocol of your choice. We will evaluate these and others over the next few months.

    Hell, we may even try some authentic Crossfit!

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