Olympic bell ringing 8:12am on Friday

24 Jul

I suppose we ought to do something Olympic (other than athletics, powerlifting olympic lifting, rowing, running  and adult gymnastics), so I thought I might as well ring our bell on Friday at 8.12 am .

Its some trendy “Art project”.


Colin, well done for providing “the bell”, but I may not be able to ring it for the full 3 minutes. Obviously, more energetic and for that matter, vaguely bothered, ringers welcome.

Ideas to make this fatuous nonsense more “crossfitesque”, are welome.

2 thoughts on “Olympic bell ringing 8:12am on Friday

  1. How about this to celebrate “All The Bells”. A three min bupee/bell ringing relay. 15 burpees earns you 15 secs of ringing time.

  2. hot press news with quotes

    “We’re delighted to announce that Big Ben, the hour bell of the Palace of Westminster, will chime more than 40 times from 8:12am to 8:15am to ring in the Olympic Games as part of All The Bells. This is a historic occasion for one of the world’s most famous bells, as it is the first time that the strike of Big Ben has been rung outside its regular schedule since 15 February 1952, when it tolled every minute for 56 strokes from 9:30am for the funeral of King George VI.

    The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow MP, said: “It is a sign of how special this summer is when one of the world’s most famous bells will ring outside its regular schedule so it can be part of this London 2012 Festival commission to ring in the Olympic Games. I am delighted we can play our part in this Martin Creed artwork. This is primarily a work for every community within the UK to embrace as their own but it is also important for our famous landmarks to be represented when the eyes of the world will be on us.”

    Mayor of London Boris Johnson has also given his support to All The Bells, saying: “This Friday at 08:12 I wholeheartedly urge people up and down the land to help create a joyous and noisy prelude to what is set to be an historic day. Whether you’ve got a bicycle bell or something much grander, this is an opportunity to mark a once in a lifetime occasion. This is a wonderfully innovative project and I am delighted to support it.”

    Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the National Assembly for Wales will be ringing its bell along with the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Scottish Parliament, meaning that all four Parliaments will be ringing in unison at 08:12 as part of All The Bells.

    Remember to tweet about what you have planned with the hashtag #dingdong – and get ready to make some serious noise with Big Ben and the nation!”

    Meanwhile, at Crossfit London, Andrew Stemler said ” do i have to do this. I’ll feel like a dick!: tell you what ill do it at the top of a burpee a burpee /ring combo” you heard it here 1st folks

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